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What We Do...

Offer Expert, Examination/Evaluation, Diagnosis & Explanation of the Causes of your health concerns:

  • Back Pain, Headache, Neck Pain, Hip Pain, Shoulder Pain, Disc Problems, etc.
  • Chronic Health Issues (Including fatigue, pain, weight problems and depression-like symptoms, etc.)
  • Work-related injuries
  • Car Crash Injuries
  • Sports-related Injuries (Including areas other than the spine)
  • (We handle all ages from toddlers to senior citizens (I refer infants to my colleague specialists. We perform any/all necessary X-ray Studies on site)

Help You To Get Natural Relief, Heal Faster and Get On The Path To Better Health:

  • Expert, gentle, chiropractic adjustments- In order to optimize spinal/body joint function
  • Clearly explain the causes of any symptoms/ill-health and explain the exact care recommendations
  • Teach you appropriate exercises (Group classes & one-on-one)
  • Diet/Nutritional Evaluation and Counseling (Group classes & one-on-one)
  • Behavior Modification Counseling (Group classes & one-on-one)
  • Offer world-class dietary supplements, pro-biotics, EFA etc.
  • 'Prescribe' and cast your feet for custom-made, flexible foot orthotics, if beneficial

Offer Online or Over-the-Phone Second Opinions &/or Health Coaching