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A Wellness Class with Dr. Collins

"Health, Redefined. Life, Realigned!"

Do you want to be inspired? Do you want to hear some good news for once? Attend Dr. Collins' ZOOM video class!

  • 2nd Wednesday every other month (Jan, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.) via ZOOM at 6:30 pm sharp!: "Health, Redefined. Life, Realigned!"
  • Why is it that the more we spend on so-called 'health care' the sicker we get?
  • Dr. Collins outlines the scientific "blueprint" for creating and maintaining much-improved health for you and your family. This highly informative 60 minute class is strongly encouraged for all patients!
  • Cost: Free for our patients and their guests.
  • The good news= There IS a way out of the current health/health care mess we are currently in!

Class Outline:

  • What is the correct definition of health?
  • What is correct definition of Wellness?
  • What is the correct definition of sickness/illness/disease?
  • What is causing all this cancer/heart disease/diabetes/etc?
  • What is the correct definition of stress?
  • What are genes anyway?
  • How does chiropractic care fit into wellness/health?
  • How should we be eating?
  • What are the best kinds of exercise?
  • How does mindset/thinking effect health?