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'Exercise' The Way You Are 'Designed' To

What Is The 'Best' Type of Exercise?

Here is a better question: Is there one 'best form' of exercise? Answer: NO! It is an absolute scientific fact that you MUST engage in a large amount of DIVERSE physical activity if you want to be TRULY healthy! For example: Just 'being a runner' or just 'doing yoga' or just 'doing squats' or just playing one 'specialized sport' will NEVER result in true health AND WILL LIKELY HURT/HARM YOU (due to chronic, repeated, focal, physiological stress) in the long run. At the bottom of this page is a good outline/diagram from a fitness expert name Mark Sisson. You can click on it to learn more about his approach toward physical activity because it very similar to my own.

So What Exactly Should We Do For Exercise?

Here is the truth: If we want to be 'truly' healthy, we must engage in activities that look similar to what our ancient ancestors did. (To understand WHY this is true, come to my class.) Example: Lots of walking, light carrying, hauling water, carrying wood, ambling, jogging, occasional sprinting, climbing, walking, clubbing, throwing, grappling, hauling, pushing, pulling, butchering game, dragging, walking, balancing, swimming, pushing, pulling, squatting, digging, scrambling, walking, dancing, occasional heavy lifting, gathering food, walking, walking and MORE walking. More in summer/less in winter etc!

4 Things 'Regular People' Can Do Right Away

1- Use your phone or biometric device. Wear it all day, most days. Keep track of how many steps you take. Build up until you are at or above 70,000 steps per week (on avg.)
2- At least once per week, do something that requires 'most' of your total-body physical strength. It could be a sport (football, wrestling, weightlifting, calisthenics, yard work, climbing a tree/rock climbing, moving furniture, etc. Be creative! Do what works for you. Just make sure that you are truly using most of your strength and most of your body (i.e. arm wrestling does not qualify)
3- At least once per week, fully and thoroughly stretch EVERY joint in your entire body (in every direction). Suggestion: Most forms of yoga involve this type of stretching.
4- At least once per week, do something that requires either: balance, coordination or quick reflexes. Some examples: walk on a balance beam (on the floor, use a 2x4), play ping pong, play electronic games like Wii Fit, ride a bike or skateboard, etc. etc. Again, be creative!

Athletes: Never Get Into A Monotonous Routine

If you are a runner, yoga practitioner, triathlete, weightlifter, cyclist, etc. you MUST break out and cross-train with something completely different. My rule of thumb: If you are 'lousy' at something, you should probably do more of it!

In order to be truly healthy you MUST constantly change your routine. Try new things every year! You'll benefit greatly from this approach. Good luck!

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