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How Much Is Your Health Worth? How Much Is The Health Of Our Children Worth??

We strive to make our care affordable and accessible to all. In our opinion, health care costs in the USA are ridiculous! We refuse to participate in the insurance-dictated pricing methods that most health care providers use to set their fees (i.e. their fees are "whatever the maximum is that they can get from the insurance company"). We price our care based on what WE would pay for ourselves and our family members to receive this service. No more and no less. At our office, many of our patients happily pay "cash" (check/debit/credit card) for their care.

The average standard fee for a new patient consultation, physical exam and report of findings is $180. Once the diagnosis and plan is established, treatments average around $75(+/-). Fees vary depending on exactly what is done, we do not have a "one size fits all" approach! Some folks choose to receive only temporary 'relief care' (least treatment/least benefit) while others choose more long-acting 'corrective care' (more treatment/more benefit), or even lifelong maintenance and preventive type care (greatest benefit). Think for a moment about the money that we spend to maintain our homes/cars/pets/toys. Your most important "vehicle", by far, is your body! Chiropractic care has helped millions of people restore and maintain their health. Once people experience how much our care can help them, it becomes clear that high-quality chiropractic care is an excellent investment!

Payment Options

We have some fantastic payment options that make our care fit into any budget.

  • Cash, check or debit/credit card. This is the conventional ‘pay as you go’ method.
  • “UCCAFF” or ‘Unlimited Chiropractic Care at a Fixed Fee’. This is a payment system wherein a patient with an established diagnosis pays one affordable, fixed, monthly fee (usually somewhere between $100-$250/month) for one year. These patients come in as often as they need (based on the doctor's recommendation) in order to recover optimal function! This is an awesome program that we get great results with because both the patient and the doctor are able to keep their focus on healing rather than the patient’s week-to-week cash flow. Those with insurance are also eligible for this program.
  • “Wellness” Clubs. These are SUPER-AFFORDABLE year-long ‘memberships’ for those wanting regularly-scheduled preventive maintenance spinal adjustments and/or soothing massage! These programs are very popular and very economical. These programs are only available to established patients who have already undergone "corrective care". These programs vary from $44.95/month and up.


We will accept many forms of chiropractic health insurance and will perform all of the necessary billing and paperwork (once we have verified and qualified the coverage). Chiropractic care is 'covered' under many employer-furnished policies, automobile personal injury (i.e. automobile crash) policies and 'workers' compensation' claims. Chiropractic care is covered by many government purchased health insurance programs. In fact, the number of insurance policies that offer some type of chiropractic coverage is growing and some of these policies are reasonable and fair, perhaps you are one of the lucky ones. We will gladly take your insurance information over the phone and find out what type of coverage, if any, you have. We encourage you to allow us to check for you as most people do not know what specific questions to ask of the insurance company in order to get the proper information.

"(Mis)Managed" Care! (aka "Mangled Care")

Be aware that more and more insurance policies are claiming to offer ‘chiropractic’ coverage when they are actually offering 'managed chiropractic care'. These policies are non-science-based 'stripped-down' and 'thread-bare' types of coverage, with many unrealistic limitations, special requirements and endless paperwork. My own pet peeve is a policy that requires a prescription from a medical doctor! This suggests that your MD knows more about chiropractic than your chiropractor?! Do you think that is true? (If you do, then we are probably not the best office for you.) Under managed care, a chiropractor and his/her staff spend more time and effort 'wrangling' with insurance, than they do caring for their patients and this drives UP the co$t and brings the quality DOWN. Most of these policies are not congruent with our mission of delivering "high-quality" chiropractic care, so we do not sign these contracts. Also, insurance hassles can mentally distract both doctor and patient from their common mission, which is to help the patient heal. This is why I have been very selective about signing contracts with insurance companies and have signed onlly two, to be exact. So chances are I am NOT "on your list"! But, this does not mean that your insurance won't cover care at our office, there often is an "out of network" benefit. Call us, or use the contact page, to find your precise coverage at our office. No guesswork!