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Planet EarthOur Vision

A world in which optimal health is normal, rather than exceptional!

Our Values (What we believe in...)

Wellness - Wellness is the act of living in a way that is most-likely to result in health.

Prevention - "An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure."

Our Values (What we believe in...)

Structuralism - A properly aligned and balanced human structural frame is necessary for optimal function.

Holism (Wholism) - The whole can not be well unless all parts are well. No part can stay well if the whole is not well. We must look at 'the big picture'.

Exceptionalism - We believe much of today's healthcare is mediocre and uninspired. Therefore, we strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

Naturalism - Non-drug/non-surgical/non-invasive/non-toxic approaches should always be considered first. "First, do no harm."

Neuralcentrism - The nervous system integrates, coordinates and controls most body functions.

Our Mission

To help as many men, women and children as possible to attain optimal health through high-quality, wellness-based chiropractic care.

Our Slogans:

"SANITAS INNATA EST" (health comes from within)

"Life. Realigned!"

John J. Collins, DC

Newberg, OR