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12 Week Wellness Coaching (One on One)
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12 weeks of personalized wellness coaching with Dr. Collins. Includes 7 individual coaching sessions with the doctor (every 2 weeks) and 2 HRA (Health Risk Analysis) assessments (at beginning and at end). Start anytime!


Additional Details
Wellness Coaching is an integral part of health care in the 21st Century!

The first decade of the 21st century saw a huge increases in use of personal fitness training, life coaching, financial coaching and health coaching. Why is this? Simple, because it works! More and more, research is demonstrating that coaching creates and environment of trust, personalization and accountability that often gives impressive results.

Dr. Collins is pleased to offer wellness coaching! This model of health care service allows you to take advantage of Dr. Collins' broad experience in the field of health and wellness as well as his vast knowledge regarding diet and nutrition, physical activity and exercise, stress management, weight-loss, behavior-change, goal-setting, etc. This is done either in-person or long-distance (via phone, or video chat) from the comfort of your home or office. Dr. Collins uses methods that are 100% science-based/evidence-based. He uses a 'Paleo-infused' or 'Paleo-inspired' approach to help men and women of all ages achieve their specific goals.

We recommend that you call our office at 503.538.0618 to schedule a no-charge, 15 minute, exploratory phone call with Dr. Collins to find out if Wellness Coaching is right for you.

Who is a good candidate for coaching?
Anyone who ready to make some changes but realizes that they are likely to get much better results with expert guidance, leadership, assistance, accountability and partnership to:
Lose weight
Overcome chronic health problems
Decrease chronic pain
Increase energy
Decrease the number of medications they take
Increase energy, enthusiasm and focus
Improve athletic performance
Simply Improve Lifestyle/ Healthy Habits

Wellness Coaching Contract
Professional responsibility.
The sole focus of our wellness coaching is development and implementation of sustainable wellness beliefs and behaviors. Wellness coaching may address specific health symptoms
or health conditions, but it does so indirectly. Wikipedia defines health coaching as follows:
Health coaching is a method of guiding others to address their health and, if need be, make behavioral changes to improve coaches utilize goal setting, identification of obstacles, and use of personal support systems. The relationship between the coach and coachee is an accountability partnership focused on the overall health outcome goals as defined by coach and the coachee. Chiropractic care is defined in Oregon as (a) That system of adjusting with the hands the articulations of the bony framework of the human body, and the employment and practice of physiotherapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and minor surgery. (b) The chiropractic diagnosis, treatment and prevention of body dysfunction; correction, maintenance of the structural and functional integrity of the neuro-musculoskeletal system and the effects thereof or interferences therewith by the utilization of all recognized and accepted chiropractic diagnostic procedures and the employment of all rational therapeutic measures as taught in approved chiropractic colleges. This wellness coaching service is a limited-scope coach- coachee service and is not to be construed as a full-scope chiropractic care with a legal doctor-patient relationship. The sole purpose of wellness
coaching is to improve wellness beliefs and behaviors and thereby, improve the clients
health. The coach (even though he is a licensed doctor) is NOT responsible for establishing any diagnoses and no medical and/or health care treatment will be delivered.
I will only release information about our work to others with your written permission or in response to a court order. We comply with all state and federal requirements for health
care practices with respect to privacy and confidentiality.
Either you or I may terminate this contract, in writing (or via email) at any time, for any reason. In the event that either party terminates this contract prior to completion the doctor-time is tabulated at $200/hour. The client's account will be credited accordingly. There will be no refunds for services already performed.
No Guarantee of results:
I cant guarantee results. However, the coaching recommendations I make are scientifically-sound and there is a high likelihood of positive results when client demonstrates strong compliance with the wellness plan.
By purchasing this service, purchaser understands the nature of this agreement and agree to the terms therein.