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Our Five 'Essential & Required' Supplements
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The Supersaver! 4 Month Supply of All 5 Essential Supplements. Save big!


This is what Dr. Collins recommends for (nearly) everyone! Save big by purchasing all 5 of Dr. Collins' recommended, essential supplements together! Don't be confused by supplements. 120 day supply.

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Required Supplement #1: Whole Food Multi-vite (240 tabs)


Whole Food Multivitamin by Mercola. The gold standard 'multi-vitamin' supplement! Our finest whole-food-based supplement. 240 tabs Take 2 tabs per day (4 month supply). For adults & children. Non-GMO, Gluten-free.

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Required Supplement #2: Finest Quality Fish Oil (240 Gel Caps)


Omega Sufficiency Lemon-Flavored Fish Oil by Innate Choice 240 soft gels. (120 day supply) Suitable for ages 2 years and up (including pets)! For toddlers/pre=schoolers, break capsule open and serve as liquid. Take 2-4 per day per person.

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Required Supplement #3: Finest-Quality Probiotic (120 caps)


Ther-Biotic by Klaire Labs (or comparable product, depending on availability) Pharmaceutical-grade, diverse-species, probiotic dietary supplement. 120 capsules. 120 day supply. -120 caps/bottle - 25+ billion cfu/capsule (take 1 per day)

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Required Supplement #4: Finest-Quality Vitamin D3 (5000 IU)


Vitamin D3 (5000 iu per capsules) by Protocol for life. The highest quality source of vitamin D3. 120 soft gels (5000 IU D3 per soft gel. Take take 1 per day for maintenance. 120 day supply! Great-Tasting, Suitable for everyone, everyday.

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Required Supplement #5: Finest Quality Bone Support


Osteoblend by Vitanica 240 capsules. Supports bone health and integrity with a full complement of calcium, vitamins and minerals in the proper dose. Appropriate for both women AND MEN too!