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Shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

Dr. Collins has helped hundreds of patients who suffer from chronic shoulder pain and/or stiffness. Most chronic shoulder pain is due to a number of causes. First, there is an injury: These can be either a traumatic injury (like a sport or work injury) or a chronic/repetitive injury (i.e. due to sitting at computer all day). Next comes inflammation (this is the body's healing process). If there there are no "confounding factors" (things that slow or block the healing process), then inflammation will run its course and the shoulder will usually recover rather quickly. Unfortunately, most adult Americans suffer from one or more of the following 'confounding factors':

  • Sub-optimal posture (causes stress on shoulder joint)
  • Sub-optimal diet (creates poor chemistry in shoulder tissues)
  • Emotional stress (slows healing process throughout the body)
  • Spinal joint problems (improper nerve supply to shoulder)
  • Shoulder joint mal-position and/or restriction (causes pinching or stretching of tissues)
  • Muscle weakness/tautness and/or imbalance

Dr. Collins identifies what tissues are injured and/or generating the pain. Most importantly, he will identify and treat any and all "confounding factors" with a combination of one or more of the following:

  • Postural exercise advice
  • Nutrient advice/supplements
  • Emotional-mental stress mitigation counseling
  • Spinal adjustments
  • Shoulder mobilization and adjustments
  • Massage (from our licensed therapist)
  • Shoulder functional restoration exercises

'Dr. John' has been fortunate to have the opportunity to help many hundreds of patients with shoulder problems. If he feels that you need to see another doctor and/or obtain and MRI or other special study, he will let you know.