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Health Conditions

I don't really "treat" conditions!!


That's right! I only facilitate and assist your body's 'innate' drive to get back to 'homeostasis' or 'optimal' health.

Most people think of the body as having various medical "conditions" that they somehow "catch" or "get" for no logical reason. That is why I have chosen to use conventional/popular terms and language on this website.

In reality, there is a much better way to view the so-called 'conditions' or 'diagnoses' and their subsequent 'treatments'.

Can You Handle The Truth? Because here it is:

Only 2 (TWO) things can ever really CAUSE ill-health in human beings: Toxicity (too much of something) and/or deficiency (not enough of something). My job is to identify which of these (alone or in combination) has lowered, or will eventually lower, your level of health. Once we identify the causes, we then proceed with an intelligent, conservative and effective course of action.