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Required Supplement #3: Finest-Quality Probiotic (120 caps)
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Ther-Biotic by Klaire Labs (or comparable product, depending on availability) Pharmaceutical-grade, diverse-species, probiotic dietary supplement. 120 capsules (60-120 day supply) -120 caps/bottle - 25+ billion cfu/capsule (take 1-2 per day) -For health

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Fact: Humans and probiotic bacteria require each other for health and vitality together they form a healthy ecosystem just like soil and bacteria do.
Fact: Probiotic microflora represent 90% of the cells
contained within the human body!
Fact: Colonization of the human gut with probiotic bacteria
begins at birth with the first exposure to the flora of the
birth canal this is a crucial requirement for the proper
development of the immune system.
Fact: A deficient probiotic profile of the mother, non-vaginal births, use of antibiotics, and the level of artificial hygiene are known to exert a significantly negative influence on the number and species of microorganisms that colonize the newborn gut.
Fact: Modern human diets, which are deficient in fruit and
vegetable fiber, and toxic from dairy, refined sugars, alcohol, and prescription drugs, result in significantly lowered survival rates of probiotic bacteria and significantly higher survival rates of harmful or pathogenic illness-causing bacteria and yeasts.
Fact: Because of modern farming, food processing, and
food preparation methods, we now consume less than
ONE MILLIONTH the amount of healthy probiotic bacteria
required to maintain a healthy intestinal ecosystem. We
now also consume many more harmful bacteria due to
modern agricultural methods including the widespread
use of antibiotics which change the bacteria found in the
animal products we consume.
Fact: Deficiencies in healthy probiotic bacteria are linked
to deficiencies in immune function and digestive tract
function and to decreased overall health and vitality.
Fact: Our human ancestors obtained sufficient
amounts of probiotic bacteria from consuming
non-sprayed, fresh-picked raw fruits and vegetables
grown in organic, probiotic-rich soils and the
probiotic-rich flesh and organs of non-domesticated,
non-medicated animals.
Fact: The human gut probiotic flora was established
BEFORE AGRICULTURE and thus does NOT include
bacteria from dairy, goats milk, soy, wheat, or corn.
Fact: It is NOT possible to become sufficient in
the correct human strains of probiotic bacteria by
consuming dairy (yogurt) or goats milk or by consuming
probiotic strains grown on dairy, goats milk, soy, wheat,
or corn.
Fact: It is necessary to consume a pure, safe and
potent source of probiotic bacteria for health,
vitality and quality of life. This is literally required from
birth to the time we pass from this earth.
Fact: The ONLY way to become sufficient in the types of
probiotic bacteria that were consumed by our ancestors
is through daily supplementation with a probiotic formula
that contains the required strains of probiotic bacteria.