The Optimal Human Diet:

Folks: I have been studying and examining diet since the 1980s. I have personally experimented with numerous approaches to diet. I have personally a been a "vegan", a "vegetarian", etc. I have practiced and recommended various dietary approaches over the years including the "USDA", "Macrobiotics", "The Zone", "Atkins", "Mediterranean", "Nourishing Traditions" and more. After years of studying nutrition and reading hundreds of scientific articles and many dozens of books re. diet/nutrition, I finally became absolutely convinced of 2 things: #1 Poor diet is probabaly the number one cause of chronic illness and premature death in the USA and #2: The mainstream (government and healthcare system) recomendations for eating are not only substantially flawed, they are causing much of our ill-health! I believe there is "one best diet" for nearly all human beings! Its technical name is the "modified paleolithic diet" and it is known popularly as 'The Paleo Diet' (other names: Paleo/ Primal/ Innate/ Ancestral Diet, etc). The links below link to resources regarding the way of eating. This diet, with slight variations, is the OPTIMAL diet for NEARLY EVERYONE: Men, women, children, old, young, athletes (both strength and endurance), etc. There is a lot to learn but, once you get the basic concepts, this way of eating is very simple. I hope that you read, learn and get inspired to change the way you eat. I also recommend a limited amount of science-based nutritional supplements for everyone, everyday. To learn more about what supplements I recommend click HERE. Come to my class to learn more!! Eat well to be well! Also, remember that I do wellness coaching, which includes nutrition consulting/coaching.

John J. Collins, DC

Other dietary approaches which I also support and often recommend:

High Fat, Low Carb (HFLC)

Ketogenic Diet